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Hi and welcome to my blog. First of all, let me introduce myself and my mission. Bohemian Chic Minerals started in June 2011 after 3 years of researching and experimenting (on myself), until I found the perfect, animal free formula that worked wonders for sensitive skin.

For years I suffered from sensitive skin. Most products reacted to my skin and as time went by, I noticed that products that I could use with minimal reaction started to react quickly badly, especially cosmetics. Eventually I had to stop wearing cosmetics, My poor skin couldn’t take it anymore, but that did stop me from trying to find the perfect solution. I tired almost every “pure”, “natural”, “botanical” product that I found or was recommended. Some were ok-ish and others were a complete mistake. And my poor face paid the price. Peeling, flakey, burning and itching. After years of tormenting my skin I had to stop. I felt I had no other choice, my face suffered enough and boy did it show.

About 4 years later, I came across a mineral make up stall in Uxbridge, and the lovely, but persistent sales lady convinced me to try this brand new makeup range that is perfect for sensitive skin.

At first I thought “yeah yeah yeah…I’ve heard all this before..blah blah blah pure.. Good for sensitive skin… won’t react… ugh”

So I thought why not, just give it ago and see what happened. It was an “OMG” moment… how I was impressed this brand, It felt so light, natural and best of all, not irritating. I found the perfect make up brand, all natural all minerals and as pure as they come. After about few hours, my skin began to itch and burn, but the reaction wasn’t as bad as it normally is but the irritation was still there.

Instead of giving up…. again, I researched the ingredients, hoping to find something. just a small something that will give me a clue or an idea on what it is my skin doesn’t like, to help me figure out what I can use instead of what I cannot, (lets face it…there are far too many “cannot’s” for me to list). I google the entire ingredient list and found out that even minerals can be irritants.

So, my search began again. This time to create something just as pure but without the minerals that can react to sensitive skin. Finally after years of research, spending hours on the PC, mixing minerals in the kitchen as the living room was of bounds after spilling 50 grams of mica and green iron oxide, which didn’t go down to well with the carpet. Anyway after mixing and testing on myself

I finally found a formula that worked with my skin. Minimal ingredient list, no additives, no alcohol, no animal ingredients, no chemicals.

And then Bohemian Chic Minerals was created.

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