Cruelty Free or Vegan !?!

Exploring the world of veganism has been an eye opener. For many years cruelty free has been consider vegan, without a doubt. That cute little leaping bunny giving us the re-assurance that this product is not going to infringe on religious or ethical beliefs.

How perfect is that…. One little symbol of the leaping bunny and its good enough to buy this product. But what a lot of people don’t know is cruelty free doesn’t necessarily mean vegan & vegan doesn't always mean Cruelty free

Cruelty free means = the products was not tested on animals but still may contain animal ingredients. For example, a mascara.

This mascara is organic and only has natural ingredients from plants, doesn't contain chemicals and is not tested on animals and it is CRUELTY FREE, but its not vegan.


Because mascara manufacturers use a resin from a trees called shellac. But this “natural” resin is secreted by the female Lac bug. So when it’s time to harvest this resin, the bugs are also harvest. Although the end result is that the bugs are eventually clean from the resin, they were with the resin through the manufacturing process of the mascara.

So mascara with shellac maybe be cruelty free, because it is not tested on animals but it is not vegan or halal.

Now Vegan doesn't necessarily mean cruelty free. Vegan is essentially a product with no animal ingredient, but is not related to animal testing and sadly does not guarantee against animal testing.

So lets use a Lipstick as an example. This "Lippie" is Vegan, It only contains lots of different ingredients. Some natural and some man made and for good measure chemicals, but nothing from an animal, Hence why its vegan.

But because there are some man made and chemical ingredients, the manufacturer needs to be sure that it will be suitable for human use. They do this by...... ANIMAL TESTING... Before this lipstick goes on the market, they need to be sure that it will cause no harm to humans. And to feed our vanity, the animals suffer, immensely. But it is still Vegan.

For many years i was under the illusion of vegan being the best way to shop when it came to cosmetics. But its not.

So personally I would always go products that have both stamps. Always look for the Leaping Bunny and the Vegan Trade Mark.

Now I learnt the difference, which I can assure you wasn’t fun. I will also double check products that I buy now.

The Leaping Bunny may not mean vegan but they still play a crucial role against organisations that are still testing on animals. They do an amazing job. And I hope with everyone’s help they continue fighting and raising the awareness and exposing animal testers.

I struggled to write this post for a month because both organisation and symbols are a symbols of trust (too me). One is designed to eliminate animal ingredients altogether and the other actively fights and exposes organisation that torture animals. Both organisation do a fantastic job. It just gives us the 100% reassurance and seal of approval, in a sense. Both do their part in the fight against animal testing.

Much Love to both and other organisation, large or small that work, campaign and bring to light what testing cosmetics does to animal.

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