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Each Month Glossy Box reviews the latest and greatest beauty product (we got put in the greatest category eeekkkk!!)… Super Excited about this review….

Anyhooo, Helen, the Senior Marketing Manager LOVES our Coral Reef lipstick. The texture, the creaminess and the beautiful ever so slight shimmer it leaves on her lips. But what she absolutely loved about our lipstick is that it's “really long lasting”

Helen, Senior Marketing Manager tested, Natural Lipstick in Coral Reef.

"I love this lipstick! Its texture is very different compared to other non-vegan lipsticks. It appears dry than creamy, however, once applied to the lips it’s extremely moisturising and really long lasting. Its leaves the lips looking very natural and with a wonderful shimmer. I’m impressed!”

Our entire range lip stick and glosses are just lust, if I do say so my self.

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