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A few months back, we celebrated our 2nd birthday, there was no big announcement, no party or anything extravagant. We’re in our second year of trading and we are bogged down with request to test our products for reviews.

Happy days!!

Most of the requests are for our popular products such as, Lipsticks, Blushers, Eye Shadows and our absolutely favourite Bronze shade Just Blonde.

But amongst the requests, was one for a product that never got any attention for reviews. Our ever so black Sambuca Loose Eye Liner Mineral Powder.

No one has ever asked to review Sambuca before.

Maybe because its too dark or small. Maybe its not something you wouldn’t incorporate it into your make up routine. Maybe its because you wouldn’t know how to use it.

Yanar, the inspiration behind the Brighter Shade of Green, a collection of natural beauty and green living, decided to try our most basic product that rarely is requested. Our ever so Dark Eye Liner Minerals, Sambuca.

Yanar found some beauty products, especially for the eyes irritated the delicate eye area. With streaming eyes that would sting would sting are never a good idea. Make Up should not make you "cry" involuntarily accompanied by a stinging sensation. That is never a good combination,especially for the eyes.

In the past, this is what Yanar had to deal with, but she was rather surprise and delighted by how perfect Sambuca was for sensitive eyes and how it had staying power.

Her other plus is, Sambuca is completely cruelty free, toxic mineral & toxic ingredient free. The Concept of Bohemian Chic Minerals fits perfectly with Yanar's ethos of natural beauty & clean healthy living.

To read Yanar's review CLICK HERE

Stay Cruelty Free and Beetle FREE!

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