A New Era For Mineral Make Up

Catherine Balavage, a Beauty Editor for Frost Magazine recently did a review on some of our best selling products, Blush in Nude (Matt) and Coral Reel Lip Stick (Matt). A huge fan of natural make up, Catherine thought she would try Bohemian Chic to see if it really is what we at HQ have been saying since we launched.

Mineral make up is huge right and very on trend but combine it with the rise of veganism and you have a product that meets your ethical needs but also is beneficial for your skin.

Catherine's Verdict:

“Both colours are beautiful and the product goes on beautifully. The blusher blends very well and gives a very healthy pink/nude glow. It looks great on.”

The lipstick, Coral Reef, a beautiful shade that has pink hues. As we don't use synthetics dyes to achieve colour, it will always very depending on skin tones and undertones. Both products are of a very high quality and don’t have that terrible ingredient of carmine (which is a crushed beetle!) or Oxychloride (a by-product of refined lead and copper), making this brand excellent for people with sensitive skin and a conscious.

"Highly recommended"

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