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My Everyday Make Up Routine

A couple of years ago when the brand was first launched I tried every foundation shade, lipstick, glosses, basically everything. I was really fascinated with experimenting with everything. Such beautiful shades and colours, How could I not.

Now I’m not one to shy away from shades even if they people say that don’t suit my skin tone. But I will draw the line of wearing the darker shade from our dark brown collection out in public.

Any hoo… I’m using Olive foundation. I have a mixture of undertones, yellow, honey and beige so it has always been quite hard to find the perfect shade. I found Olive to be the closest shade as it look beige with a very slight yellow undertone shades. The issue that I have with my complexion is that it is actually lighter then my neck line, so a lot of people assume that I’m not as “dark” as my foundation shade. Olive just adds a tad bit of warmth then what they are use to seeing me as. So I use a light dusting of “Brighten Up Pink” Colour Corrector along my T-Zone to brighten up my complexion. Its perfect for days when I am really pale and olive tends to look quite orange.

My complexion can be a tricky at time, Some days I’m really pale (Iron Deficiency from childhood) and other days I’m ok. Hence why I use "Brighten Up Pink" quite a bit. Come Summer, I tan quite a lot, and I mean a lot. But because Bohemian Chic is about making the most of what you have especially if your on a budget, I found that applying bronzer adds that summer warm to your foundation shade, yes I use bronzer in the summer and it works a treat. It instantly changes the shade of my foundation to compliment my changing complexion, and its the perfect must have, when transitioning through the seasons. I use Sun Kissed Bronzer, its perfect for the medium complexion like mine, but its also suited to the darker complexion too.

For eye-liner, I use a damp angle eye liner brush. Using any of our products wet instantly intensifies the colour and gives a dramatic look. I use Sambuca but ultra-works just as well. Some days I don’t want “drama” so I tend to use the thin pencil liner brush and apply Sambuca dry. It still pretty dark when dry but not over powering for a day look.

For my eye brow, I used the eye brown definer minerals in “Mocha”. Don’t really use it to shape my brows, its just to add a bit a of colour back to them after foundation application. I also use Mocha as eye shadow. Just used a small eye shadow brush and worked a small amount of powder minerals into the crease and Melon eye shadow over the lid and into the brown bone. Its perfect for an ever day look. For this look, you can use any shade of lip colour also any blush shade. I love colour, especially the darker colours so I personally would wear “Boudreaux” Lip Stick £14 Or Gloss £15.00, with “Boho” Blusher £15.00

Mwah xxxx Enjoy

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