Simply Women Magazine

When the Simply Women Magazine asked if we could possible send the some of our products, I was pretty amazed that they wanted to try and test a relatively unknown brand just finding it feet. Especially since there sometimes is a stigma and negativity surrounding Halal/Vegan brands. (We shall explore this more in another post)

So, bearing in mind that greens are the current trend. We gave them our lushes green eye shadows, Which they loved.

After explaining to SW Mag my journey and suffering from uber sensitive skin, they themselves become a little more aware of all the disturbing and sometimes weird (& unnecessary ) ingredients that are in our coveted beauty products.

Sometimes it really is stomach turning when you realise what actually is in your make up. Thankfully, we have come to the rescue and are minus stomach turning ingredients. :).

To read what Nikki @SimplyWomenMagazine said about our lush range CLICK HERE

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