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The lovely Heidi at the beauty blog Chronic Beauty review our newest reformulated lipstick, Cup Cake. From my experience at touring the country exhibiting at events , Cup Cake is a unique undefined kinda shade. On some complexion its a gorgeous cross of light to medium pink or just apricot with an orange ting.

At the time of review, we were experiencing some technical issue so Heidi was unable to link her review to the site, but its all fixed now.

We are part of a feature for the "Luscious Lip hit list for Spring/Summer". With the changing season and new products and old favourites resurfacing. Its always a good idea to update your make up stash.

Heidi's review of Cup Cake pretty much matched what I hear about our entire lipstick range, very hydrating a long lasting. So far so good.

As you can see Cup Cake is more of a medium pink on her skin tone but done be fooled. Cup Cake like our entire range of lipsticks will change to a different shade once apply directly on the lips, hence why I always insist at vegan fair " you must try the lipstick on to see its true colour". It works with your undertones.

Our entire range is made with botanical oils with a lovely smooth texture, highly pigment and really long lasting..

You can read Heidi's full review HERE and check out what other products she has included in her Lip Hit List.

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