Brighton VegFest 2016

Vegfest Brighton 2016 this weekend was amazing. The 2 day extravaganza was buzzing with energy in every direction and every corner of the Brighton Centre. As a stall holder I don’t really get to wonder around when the doors are open to the public.

But as soon as it start to quieten down , I try to visit as many stalls I can before the tiredness kicks in and I just want to go home, some 1 hour 30min ways. First thing I’ll hunt down food. All day I’ve survive on copious amount of coffee and I need food. Namely, sugar fix and it has to be “Ms Cupcake”. Her Stall happens to be one of the busiest and really isn’t that difficult to understand why, They have a full table of vegan cookies sandwiches, cupcakes, muffins, you name it they most likely have it.

With a sugar spike in progress I wander around the venue and the amount of vegan business that exhibit at this show, you be hard pressed to not find what you want. You have everything from clothes to skin care, Jewellery to Wine and pies to candles. Its such an eclectic mix, you could everything under one roof. Guilty free.

Its pretty amazing how many people are curious about becoming or just switching over to vegan products. You never know, it could be the start to becoming a vegan or even just to be able to understand the concept of veganism and cruelty free. One of my other favourite stall is by www.wearyourvoice.co.uk.

They have a huge range of Tee's which are beautiful. My purchase was a £respect All Life" T. The quality of the tee is superb and you just know it wont stretch out after a couple of washes.

What I love about VegFest is the amount of questions that you get asking about the difference between vegan, cruelty free make up and your bigger more established brands. Answer in a nutshell; absolutely everything.

For more information about VegFest and the next vegan exhibition:

Pop along to their website. www.vegfest.co.uk

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