DIY Liquid Eye Liner

September 11, 2017

Suffering from sensitive skin is a chore. Your skin has to go trough so much just so you know what works for you. Sometimes the reaction is a little uncomfortable tingle and sometimes its all out war between your face and the product. Unfortunately, as  always, your skin will lose and the consequences of this battle lasts for weeks in some cases. 


For me, this also includes eyes. My eye's are just as sensitive as my unforgiving complexion. 

So you can imaging what Mascara's, Eye Liner and Top Liner do to my eye lids.


For years, I didn't realise that the tired eyes was from using mascara and eye liner.


Eventually I did work it out.. Thankfully ... Anyway I digress...


Top Liner is the other thing my poor eyes do not like. Most liquid top liner  feel really uncomfortable on the lids and sometimes its burns. And when that happens, I'm fanning my eyes like a lunatic. Well I'm not gonna take it off after spending ages getting my eye make up just right. I know you feel me.  I'll deal with the consequences later.


So later has arrived and time to take my make up off, and I know whats coming!! More burning on the eyes!!!! For the next few days my eye lids will be dry, skin peeling and a little sore. 


Fast forward to 2017... I have now been using Sambuca Loose mineral liner as top liner for as long as Bohemian Chic has been "Alive". And you've guess it,no burning eye lids.


And I let you lovelies know  how to turn powder into liquid eye liner that is chemical free and safe enough for sensitive eyes.


Below is a pictorial of a step by step guide of powder to liquid.

Note; I use rose water but water is perfectly fine. Also I normally use disposable liner brushes from Ebay



Give it a go and see how you get on. Black top liner not really your thing, why not turn one of our eye pigments on to a liquid top liner .










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