The Curvaceous Vegan's BCM Must Haves

It's been a while since I've a posted on here. Its been a 2017 with non stop with grass root events, Home Pamper Night and catching up with my endless "to do" list. This year we've created and introduced new shades and and a brand new product which I'm so excited about. Our new High Lighters. BTW, they've been selling out within weeks of making and restocking.

To finish off a hectic 2017 Amie was kind enough to let me know what she thought BCM.

Being a vegan herself, Amie is well aware of the benefits of vegan cruelty free products.

So within only a few days left before we finally say goodbye to 2017, we had Amie review our lush Lipsticks and our beautiful High Lighter .

Vegan Lipstick High Lighter

Now everyone has their must have, can't do without or their highly recommended beauty product. So when I send some of my favourite products (they're all my favourite) to Amie, I was hoping that she loved the Lipsticks as much as I do as they are a favourite for many of our users and our most requested at events, fair and to be reviewed.

Turns out she loved all three shades and they look lush on her fair complexion.

What she also discovered, was that not only are they super moisturising on days when your lips are dry and sensitive they are all so long lasting and really light weight. And all you need is 3 swipes for intense pigment. What's even better the lipstick itself will last ages on and it will not run down as some lippies do.

From the three requested shades of lipstick, Hysteria is our newest shade which was created after many requests for a bubble gum kinda shade of pink. So when Amie picked Hysteria as one of her lipstick choices, I was thrilled my newest colour got noticed and my first ever lipstick, Kiss Me Pink was also part of her selection (Simple pleasures). Christmas Parties, New Years or Valentines 2018, Our Lipstick got your covered.

To find out what Amie thinks of our Vegan Lipsticks and gorgeous High Lighter Razzmic Berry, Click HERE

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