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We ended 2017 on a little bit of a high note. Expanding our range, adding more colours, more products and our first attempt at matt lipsticks. And the best bit,not a single animal was tortured or killed for us to bring you all these vegan and gorgeous treats.

So to try and carry on the momentum in 2018, we got were asked to be interviewed by Fashion Magazine. To begin with, I was a bit apprehensive. I don't well with interviews, any type of interview. But this time I thought I would go for it. So I calmed my nerves, had a lot of green tea, Oolong to be precise and said yes. Lets go for it.

So after a long chat with Ana, the creater of MY fashion Magazine, we came up with this particular piece about "Safe Make Up".

Ana and just like many other fashion/style/etc. bloggers has a law degree but decided long ago that she wanted to do something that she loves. She started looking for other fields/hobbies that she loved and thus my MY Fashion Magazine was created and it came pretty naturally and has been enjoying every moment of it so far.

so, with no further ado.. read our interview/article HERE..

and discover out do's & don't, routine and much more! Enjoy

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