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Back in June 2017, we did a collab with the Latest In Beauty with one of our best selling pigment pots, Pretty In Pink for about 2000 subscribers. Latest In Beauty was the biggest collaboration that we have ever done and it was really daunting.

"What if no one liked the colour I choose..

What if they don't like the product itself,

Should I do it, not do it

Can I stretch the budget to do it?

Can I really afford to do?

Do I have the time to make and pack 2000 units?"

We delayed the collab from May to June so we can stretch the budget (quite alot) to be able to be involved with LiB Beauty Box. Considering the shade that I wanted to use, the delay worked in our favour.

We choose a nice summer shimmer Pretty In Pink, which I tough was perfect (not that I'm Bias). Despite all the nerves and worries, PIP was received pretty well. I mean there were few people that weren't too happy but you can never please everyone but criticism is welcome as it will help me improve and change what you think needs changing.

So to read what every one thought of Pretty In Pink click here

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