"Natural" will give way to "Clean", but what's the difference?

The wellness movement has been on the rise and many beauty brand have also jumped on the band wagon of going"clean". The term "clean" should not be confused with natural. The term "clean" has been widely criticised for its ambiguity. Many would think its one and the same without realising "clean" doesn't not necessarily mean "natural". I have been guilty of not knowing the difference myself. Who would have thought the words "clean" doesn't necessarily mean "natural".

So, "clean" beauty brand's can be "clean" simply by eliminating ingredients that are considered harmful. Many brands do this by removing harmful ingredients which can include Silicones, parabens, sulfates (especially SLS).

"Natural" beauty brands use natural ingredients that are not man made, are without chemical substance and have no artificial ingredients and is 100% synthetic free formula. Everything about a "natural" brand is 100% natural, from nature and NO ingredient created in a lab.

The biggest misconception about natural beauty is some people think it won't work for there skin!. Natural ingredients are more effective then synthetic since natural is more compatible with the way your skin works. Natural ingredients are actually more powerful then anything that can be manufactured.

here's a thought!. Some, if not most beauty products manufacture ingredients to imitate nature's power by using synthetic ingredients ,which in most cases, is a lot cheaper to produce and simplifies the manufacturing process.

So lets keep going an buy natural and of course, vegan and cruelty free!.

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