Fake A Healthy Glow

At the start of every year, we're all into health, wellness and renewed enthusiasm for clean eating, Pilates , more sleep, more water and you get the drift. I'm not ashamed to say I also do this every year. Every year I'm going to improve on a lot of things, be healthy, continue my new found 12 step skin care routine with my 12 new facial oils, serums, booster and moisturiser so I have glowing radiant complexion. So I'm thinking of flushed cheeks, sparkling rested eyes, glowing skin that makes me look like I've had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

But lets face it, I haven't been able to keep up with the most of what I wanted so I had to find an alternative to my healthy glow. In essence, I had to fake it. So using what I already have in my make up kit, and only using one of the 12 face stuff that I have, I did it. I fake it, A healthy glow.

1. The first step to faking it is all about prep and prime your skin. So the way I do it is by mixing about 3 drops of Jojoba in with Crushed Pearl to create a the prefect glow boosting primer that will brighten up the complexion and you'll be illuminating a lit-from-within radiance. Can be used under make up or on it's own.

Crushed Pearl Mineral Veil/Primer 7 Grams £22.00 (2 Shades Available)

2.Now we need to address our complexion. We all have little issue that we wish we didn't have, such as dark circles or redness, sunspots, blemishes other skin complaints. So lets address our complexion issues.

#Brighten Up Pink (Pink) - used for dark circles on pale to medium fair complexion also a gorgeous matt High Lighter.

#Cool Blue (Blue) - is perfect for dark circles for a yellow toned skin and a can help balance and brighten up a sallow complexion.

#Hide and Seek (Yellow) - Is great for concealing purple toned dark circle and can also be used as setting powder.

#Banish Blemish (Green) -Should be used to balance areas of redness, including breakouts and broken blood vessels.

Colour Corrector 7 Grams £22.00 - Refills Available

3. We've primed and created an even skin tone ready for the next step to fake that glow. Our long lasting light weight foundation will melt into your skin for a truly seamless effect. Seriously, you could lie and say you're not wearing anything and could get away with it.

Foundation £3.50 - £20.00 - Refill available (28 Shades Available)

4. The key to faking a healthy glow is to keep things looking natural and give that natural flush look of "just did a work out outside" NOT!!!. But this is the perfect way to fake it.

Apply small amount to the apple of your cheek and blend. Now Our blusher shades are very pigmented but a little goes along and to avoid overkill IT the clown look. Use fingers tips to apply just enough blush and blend. Also lightly swoop the blush brush across your forehead and the bridge of your nose.

Blusher Available in Matt & Satin Finish 4 Grams - £16.00 13 Shades Available)


5. Want to look like the sort of person that's had a full 8 hours sleep?ME TOO!! This is where mineral become multi use products. using Crushed Peal Mineral Veil under your eyes will fix your concealer in place as well as reflect light away from the under eye area therefore deflecting from the tell-tale dark under eyes.

Mineral Veil/Primer 7 Grams £22.00 ( 2 Shades Available)

6. Forget Lipstick... Well, that not true because for our next party trick we need lipstick. Our lipsticks are pretty intense when it comes to pigment but the fake healthy glow required less lipstick and hint of colour. I use Jojoba oil, one drop precisely and rub into lipstick gently to tone done down pigment and use fingers to apply.

Shea Butter Moisture Lipstick £16.00 ( 17 Shades Available)

Matt Hydrating Lipstick £17.00 (5 Shades Available)

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